ve.re.das:(= paths); a track or way worn by footsteps; trail; a line of movement; course taken the path of the meteor; a course or manner of conduct, thought, or procedure.

Over 50 years, in 1956, Guimarães Rosa created a non linear narrative for its Veredas. A scenario where “the backwoods is as big as the world”. Nowadays the same non linearity takes part of a hyperlinked village, “where our thoughts are created stronger than the power of the place”. We are all connected, interrelated and interconnected.

The paths concretize a way to show that there is a more simple way to get to a certain end. Symbolize the path and not the ending point. The route, not the final solution. As the application of technology that can conceive fertile alternatives, environments on which new life’s are able to proliferate.

Veredas was originate based on these concepts, a collective willing to create possibilities. Shortcuts generated on the logic of networks, under four vertex that use technology as leitmotif. Society, education, art and environment agglutinated in multimedia proposals, in interactive interfaces. We believe on the collaborative experience to architect and make projects able to agglutinate the singularity of each person as a differential of the whole.

We are looking for social cells and entrepreneurs that work on the same way for the development of integrated actions able to come up with plural solutions, In other words, to act as a incubator that appropriates and rematches technology, to solve problems that already exist as to build new perspectives to certain thematic, situation or place. We do not work with formats, methodology or closed rules. But with the unexpected, with proposals conceived according to the necessity and vacation of the communities where they will be applied.

We observe the composition of the world, how it is structured and how could it be. We visualize a future written by those that live the present days, not by those stick to the past. We believe that it would be pointless a bunch of projects stagnated in their own concepts, or thousands of speeches on technological innovation, if they are not articulated and maintained held to socio-collaborative experiences.

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Thiago Carrapatoso – Director/President and  Arts
Maira Begalli – Sub Director/President and Enviroment
João Carlos Caribé – Society
Mariel Zasso -  Education

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